As a foreign partner, we launch your product in the Japanese market—tip to tail/soup to nuts/beginning to end—with the tenacity and attention to detail synonymous with your company’s brand and Sourcenext’s reputation. In essence, we make the near impossible—foreign penetration of the Japanese market—easy.

Our greatest asset is our loyal customer base and extensive distribution network, which includes all major Japanese retailers. Our 11 million registered users and a first section-seat on the Tokyo Stock Exchange make us the ideal partner to American software developers looking to quickly, easy, and sustainably grow their business in the Japanese market.

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    Archivist app Evernote allows subscribers to sync notes across all their electronic devices, whether for personal or business use. Since partnering with SourceNext, Evenote has seen business jump by 29%.

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    Dropbox lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.

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    SourceNext has brought Bitdefender’s most popular products – Total Security for PC and Mobile Security for Android – to Japan, earning 4.7% marketshare within the year.

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    Linguistic software company ABBYY developed the popular android app CHOU-SCAN (to scan OCR books and other documents). SourceNext helped CHOU-SCAN raise sales by including the app in Japanese smartphone carrier au’s monthly subscription service.

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    Online backup service Backblaze features unlimited, automatic backup – all users have to do is install the software. SourceNext drove Backblaze sales in Japan and handles customer support for Japanese consumers.

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    Multimedia software company CyberLink’s flagship products, PowerDVD and PowerDirector, are available to Japanese consumers via SourceNext. Today, PowerDVD is the number-one selling DVD playing software in Japan.

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    Warner Brothers has supplied SourceNext with film content for the popular English learning software Choujimaku. Choujimaku has been the bestselling English language learning software in Japan for four consecutive years.

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    Video creation service Animoto lets users turn personal photos and video clips into beautiful, high-quality videos. Animoto is currently in the process of being localized and introduced to the Japanese market with the help of SourceNext.


We know Japan and Japan knows us. The SourceNext brand carries with it a stamp of validation, an automatic affinity within Japan’s technology industry. We understand the culture, etiquette, tastes and trends that resonate with the Japanese market, perhaps better than anyone else in the business. We’ve been nurturing the long-standing relationships necessary to make progress in a complex culture and industry. We have what it takes.

Not only do we adapt your software to the Japanese market, we manage the entire launch process—beginning to end. A partnership with SourceNext ensures your product is optimized for and resonates with the Japanese audience, from currency, language, user interface, package design, headlines, product descriptions and instructions, publicity, promotion, advertising, and customer service. All products are quality-tested—to ensure accuracy of translation—on PCs and mobile devices using Japanese operating systems before being offered as apps through our e-store and packaged for retail shops across the country. We are meticulous in the translation from American to Japanese—for your brand’s sake and ours—giving all involved the greatest opportunity for success.


Our relationships are our greatest asset—retailers, customers, and industry professionals.

The Sourcenext brand is, among other things, an online retailer of over 300 software products in the security, utility, PDF, OCR, backup and learning software. In addition, we are a distributor to Japan’s major retail network, this being the core of our distribution success. Products within the Sourcenext brand are afforded dominant presence online at our SOURCENEXT eSHOP, as well as all major electronic stores, bookstores, mobile phone shops, as well as Amazon and Rakuten.

In addition, we make our smartphone apps available to au Smart Pass members, wildly popular subscription service provided by KDDI, which allows users access to unlimited apps (over 500) for a small monthly fee. Once your product has been distributed along these channels, we make sure they are always in-stock, maintained, and living in the best possible position on store shelves. Sourcenext’s CEO, Noriyuki Matsuda, takes time to talk with retail staff directly, promoting products and negotiating for premier placement of his products; a rare quality for any CEO, let alone in the digital sector.


Sourcenext’s 300-plus software titles encompass security, utility, PDF, OCR, backup and learning software across a variety of genres. With a wide range of software offerings it’s of the utmost importance that our brand is unified in marketing efforts. We do this by celebrating the individual personality of a product under the Sourcenext brand, offering customers the broadest and most diverse software products through a brand they know and trust.

SourceNext’s image character, Ayame Goriki is a popular actress, singer and model, who makes appearances in various CM’s.

Ayame Goriki, Sourcenext’s image character and popular actress, singer and model, encapsulates the slogan “Software is Exciting” through various media. It’s our job to raise awareness about your product via press releases and conferences, as well as advertisements, and point of sale ads. Online, we promote new products heavily among Sourcenext’s existing users and our strong relationships with Japan’s most prominent retailer stores make it easy for us to plan and hold well-attended promotional events. Following your product’s launch, we’ll take into account user feedback and special requests, sharing these with you and managing customer information to ensure sales continue to grow.


Sourcenext is so confident in their ability to grow your business in Japan, they’ll fully take on the financial risk of your endeavor. As sales are made, you earn commission. Sourcenext’s success is dependent on your product’s success—it’s a win/win.

Once a product is launched, we provide top-tier email and web support for your product and its users. We conduct market research, listen to user requests, compile frequently asked questions, manage and legally optimize customer information—all of which is shared with your team. In terms of general support, we’re the leading Japanese brand in security, utility, PDF, OCR, backup and learning software, so our reputation precedes us. Roughly ten percent of the population of Japan has registered at our e-store. Our products make up nearly a quarter of all security software sold in Japan. Throughout our sixteen years at the forefront of Japanese software sales, we’ve learned how best to promote and sell your product.