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Virus Security ZERO

A breakthrough product in the field of security software.

The first anti-virus software in industry history to introduce the "No Annual Renewal Fees" policy. Since its release in July 2006, it has continued to increase its share in the security software market, and since 2007, it has been recorded as being No.1 in the number of units sold in all domestic PC software for 2 consecutive years (According to GfK Japan surveys carried out in major electronics retailers).

Main Features

No Annual Renewal Fees

Virus Security ZERO is the first security software in industry history which introduced the "No Expiration / No Annual Renewal Fees" policy. As long as the official Windows support period is valid, there is no need to register for renewals or pay any extra fees for updates.

Compatible OS and Support Period

The support period for Virus Security ZERO is dependent upon the official Windows support period. Please refer to the following graph for details:

Windows Vista (Business / Enterprise) April 11, 2017
Windows Vista (Home Basic / Home Premium / Ultimate) April 11, 2015
Windows XP April 8, 2014
Windows 2000 July 13, 2010

* Based on present information: February 2009

Automated Updates and Features

Virus Security ZERO automatically downloads the latest updates, so you can rest assured that the version in use is always the latest one. Also, another useful feature about the software is that it automatically closes bothersome alert windows that do not require any crucial decisions to be made by the user.

Continuous Improvements and Updates

Aiming to become the leading, top-class security software in the world, Virus Security ZERO continues to be improved and upgraded day by day. All of these improvements are being made by keeping a keen eye out on current virus situations, and also listening in to the many requests and comments that we receive from our valuable users.

Main Security Functions

- AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, Countermeasures against Internet Frauds

  • Automatic detection of computer viruses and spyware
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Detection of polymorphic viruses
  • Prevents worms from sending out any unauthorized E-mails
  • Monitors for any unauthorized changes made to PC settings
  • Checks for computer viruses within networks
  • On-the-spot (right-click) virus check
  • Allows users to choose which files/folders to include or not include in the checking process
  • Allows users to set periods for when they want to execute periodic scans
  • Automatic shut down feature for after completion of scan

- Firewall

  • Firewall settings
  • Automatic evaluation and configuration of network settings
  • Port settings
  • Allows different port configurations to be set for different applications

- Protection of Private Information

  • Settings for protecting user information on PC's with multiple user accounts
  • Alerts user when sending out personal data
  • Choose websites for which data submission is permissible
  • Ad-blocking Feature
  • Parental Control - set limits to the time and access to particular websites
  • SPAM mail and phishing countermeasures for mail software

- AntiSpam

  • Create list for permissible/non-permissible E-mails (blockout feature)
  • Automatically sort E-mails with specific words into different folders
  • Automatically sort E-mails in specified languages into different folders
  • Performs SPAM checks and filters any SPAM mails to assigned folder

Operating System

Windows Vista™/XP/2000